EZanswer (Good bye! Slider)

Source:kigate team

EZanswer provides You various methods to answer/reject a call without drag.

Good bye slider!! Be free from default call screen!!

Support the following.

- Answer (normal, speaker phone), silent ringer, reject a call
- by screen touch (click, press and hold), volume button (up, down), camera button, upside down, shake.
- Incoming call log and spam management.
- Silent ringer and reject for spam. (call block)
- Hang up notice by vibration.
- Release patten lock to answer and relock.
- Full screen Image (Caller ID)
- Display additional info (Company, department, title, notes)

* EZanswer includes all the following apps.
1. EZtouch : asnwer / reject a call by screen touch.
2. EZbutton : answer / reject a call by hardware button.
3. EZshake : answer / reject a call by shake and upside down.
4. EZblock : call blocker.
5. EZnotice : Notice hang up by vibration.
6. Full screen Image (caller ID)
7. Display additional info (Company, department, title, notes)
8. ?

Can set individual image, default image. Can Display default images randomly.

Additional info may not work on some phones or system settings. Please check it with trial version.

Shake setting recognizes direction to avoid doing action by itself while your device is in your pocket. Please face screen sideward like doing handshake or answering a call in real when you use it. (not upward, downward, forward, backward)

EZanswer doesn't change your incoming screen. It displays 3 buttons to answer / be silent / reject a call on your default incoming call screen.

(You can use your default incoming call screen as well at the same time.)

This app use signal from default phone app, So please think it as an app helping answering a call.

* EZanswer has been tested with bluetooth headset, Motorola s305, and didn't disable the headset's buttons. It works fine.

You can check your bluetooth headset with trial version. I think you can use EZanswer and headset together by checking off button settings if you have a problem when you use headset.

* Answering by Apps works well on Froyo (and under Froyo) version but it's disallowed from Gingerbread version by Google policy.
So, EZanswer uses a kind of cheat to answer on Gingerbread as well but it doesn't work on some phones.
You have to go back to default call screen by back button on your phone if you can't answer by Apps.
If solution comes up, I'll apply it for phones that can't answer.
Other functions are fine on Gingerbread.
You can check it with trial version.
(Android version : Froyo = 2.2, Gingerbread = 2.3)

* Please resize the image first by other image apps or PC if FC is happened when you add an image.
(Too big size of images may cause FC when you edit images.)

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